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Time to talk shop

Erik Ravaglia

Oh dear oh dear, as one of the many inspirational people I've met in my (short) career always says: "I love my job, I love my joooooooob". That must become the mantra of the week.

The excitement of getting everything going..ish, is still there but is slightly overshadowed by the amount of work necessary to make sure everything is running smoothly. In the video I address a little how overwhelming it feels, at least for me, to make sure that everything is good enough once the pre-orders are ready to ship.  


Details matter!

Yes sir! I want you guys to be excited about your parcel, and I know how much of a difference little details make, hence I'm really looking into every single one of them. Having a little budget doesn't mean I can't create something unique, and the idea of you receiving that lovely parcel excites me. SO, "to the infinity and beyond" then!