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Holy Potatoes!!

Erik Ravaglia

Holy Potatoes.jpg

....and the time has finally come. New website, new blog, new logo, new everything!! I've been working on and off on it for a while, and it's finally ready (ish) to be out there.

ALSO My first set of products, 2 T-shirts, are finally up for pre-order.

After so long thinking about it, I feel it's time I get these shirts out. The designs are straight from my collection of Stickyheadz, the daily project I started over a year ago, and I'm eager to make the final parcel look as cool as I possibly can adding nice and unique extras.

Using pre-orders instead of stocking the products from the start is the only way I could get this out there. The initial cost of getting even only 50 tees printed at a high standard is interesting. If the shop will survive it would be thanks to you beautiful people, who made an effort supporting an independent artist.

So, why not head to the shop and pre-order your favourite T-shirt? or both of them? All the pre-orders will get a limited edition set of Stickyheadz postcards, stickers and lots of love.