How to make your own cartoon series – Part 2 – The Animation Process

Hello and welcome back! After we had a look at how Wellpark came to be in this article and we had a more in depth look at the beginning of the production process, it’s time to move forward with production. Shall we?! (if you feel lost, go have a read of the older articles mentioned above). Final Artwork Finally after the sketches were approved Pablo would plough through the final artwork. To keep up with the pace, the artwork had to follow these simple rules: – A limited num

How to make your own cartoon series – Part 1 – The Creative Process

Following the article on how a bunch of friends made Wellpark for Tennent’s Lager, I thought a more in depth look into the process could help anyone who might fancy embarking on such adventure have an easier sail. Part 1 is all about the creative process. ILLUSTRATIONS EVERYWHERE!! Ready..steady..GO! Step one was to get ahead on the creative process. Most of the work was to figure out the characters look and decide on backgrounds, colours and line style, taking into account t